Shane Hill, Ph.D.
Licensed Psychologist
and Life Coach

I am on Sabbatical until Summer 2017, so my office is closed until that time. I will update this website as it gets closer to my return.
Until then….Be well.

I am a therapist and life coach who specializes in gender identity, sexuality and transgender issues. For over 19 years, I have worked with individuals and families who need help to clarify and understand their gender and/or support their loved ones in this process. I am known for my warmth, directness, sensitivity and practical approach to effectively traverse this often complex situation.

Gender identity is a cutting-edge concept of learning for our society today. Most individuals and families do not have all the information they need to fully understand and respond appropriately to someone who is transgender, gender queer or is simply questioning their gender. From a cognitive perspective alone, it is not easy to think about gender as something that is fluid or that can change. People often confuse sexual identity and gender identity. My expertise involves helping others obtain clarity about these issues, and then knowing the options regarding what to do with the information. Emotional support is often highly needed. Being a child therapist by training, I have a great deal of experience helping parents who have children whose internal sense of gender is different from their biological sex or who demonstrate differently gendered behaviors for our cultural expectations. This topic is so difficult to talk about for most people, that having a person to speak to who has expertise in this area can be very helpful. If appropriate, I also help with the gender transition process. Every person has their unique way of dealing with their gender--there is no right way. I help increase clarity for you to know what is the best way for you.

At times, we all benefit from the support of a guide, mentor or coach on this journey we call life.

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